Dan Hulton

Software developer, entrepreneur, socialist, coffee-drinker, opinion-haver, and all-around busybody.

Hi, I'm Dan! I'm what's known around these parts as "a computers guy". I grew up alongside an Atari 400, an IBM PC/XT, and various generations of Nintendo devices. I started programming professionally during college, and since then have expanded my interests and knowledge to include software and systems infrastructure and maintenance, usability, security, marketing, customer service, video game design, philosophy, politics, coffee, cooking, and all manner of things.

Where To Find Me

I live in Toronto, Canada, but on the internet, I can be found in a varity of places:

Things I've Done

I'm always happiest with a project to work on. I love learning new stuff, and I find the easiest way to learn new stuff is to try it out in anger.

That said, not everything lives on forever - time and money spent maintaining old code and projects could have also been used for new projects. So while this is not a complete list of all the neat things I've worked on, it is all the neat things that are still around for people to see.


Nodewood is a Node/JavaScript SaaS starter kit. Instead of spending weeks or months of development time building out the bare bones of a SaaS app, start with Nodewood, and start with user authentication, subscription management, an easily-extensible admin panel, and more!

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