If you’ve watched any IT Crowd at all, you’ve probably ended up watching all of it – it’s that addictive. And if you’ve watched it all, you remember the confusion surrounding the restaurant Moss recommends to Jen and Roy for their upcoming and predictably disastrous dates. Spoiler: The place isn’t called “Meseejos”, it’s “Messy Joe’s”, and it’s not a classy Italian bistro, it’s a family restaurant. Clowns-and-sparklers.

While the joke is funny, it also has something to say about the people involved. They’re morons. I mean, they got there, clearly read the sign on the front of the place, and still went inside, sat down amongst all the screaming children, and ordered something with a rediculous name.

You may be wondering just why I’m rambling on about this. Well, it’s because it’s relevant to something that happened today. Dreamhost accidentally charged all of their customers for the next year in advance. Yeah, that’s right. $7,500,000 USD charged by mistake. I mean, I know I’ve screwed up at work before, but never to the tune of 7.5 million, you know?

Now, if you check in the comments replying to that entry, the number one complaint is that Josh Jones blogged about the incident in his usual, jokey tone. Sure, there are a few people who complain that this can have very real, very drastic financial impact on people (although mostly they’re wrong), but most people are insisting that an incident of this magnitude requires that Dreamhost instantly become a serious company that does serious business and makes no jokes at all.

Get real!

Sure, Dreamhost is not without its problems, but a) they always resolve them, b) always let me know exactly what happened, and c) always maintain a light tone. They have always done this in the past. Always. It’s yet another reason in the long list of why I freaking love them as hosts.

Now, to the people that don’t like this, I say: nuts! Dreamhost isn’t a serious company. They’re a light-hearted company. If you signed up expecting an Internet-Is-Serious-Business company, well maybe Dreamhost isn’t for you. Dreamhost is sure to see plenty of cancelled accounts due to this, and in a large part I don’t blame them. Billing is not an area you can fuck up without expecting huge reprecussions. I don’t wish a single account loss on the fine (and much chargrinned) folks at Dreamhost, but to all those morons who are leaving because they expect the guys at Dreamhost to be anything but the guys at Dreamhost: don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

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