Rocky Patel Vintage 1990, Round One

Label of a Rocky Patel cigar, vintage 1990 I don’t intend for this to turn into a cigar blog, but I do want to resurrect it from the dead, and for more than just reporting when my health and wealth have been threatened.1

I’m getting into cigar smoking as a hobby / for relaxation / because I enjoy it, and they say (yes, the infamous “they”) that you should maintain a journal whenever you start a new hobby. So writing a blog entry on each new cigar kind of kills two birds with one stone – I get to tell you what’s going on in my life and maintain a log of what cigars I smoked, if I liked them, and why.

As should be evident by the title and image for this post, the cigar tonight was the Rocky Patel Vintage 1990. I purchased this cigar on the recommendation of my tobacconist, and I have to admit, I’m not entirely satisfied. Mind you, my intention was to smoke it on Friday, and it’s been outside a humidor for all that time, so I’m willing to admit that a generous portion of that dislike could easily be my fault. (My humidor won’t get here for 6-10 more days, so I’m limited to buying cigars in small quantities and smoking them quickly for now.)

It was certainly a very handsome cigar, and it occurs to me now that I should have taken a picture of it before I’d smoked it. I’ll try to remember that for next time. The wrapper was dark-brown, like chocolate, and it was well-rolled. However, since it was a little dry, it splintered a little when I cut it. I repaired it as best I could with some spit and perseverance, but ultimately it was still a little damaged through the whole smoke.

The filler wasn’t very uniform, with some lighter tobacco mixed in with the darker stuff, but I’m not yet experienced enough to tell if that’s a good thing or not.

It drew rather well, although I didn’t start getting full flavour from it until about an inch in. More worrisome was the fact that the ash was a sort of light tan colour – not the white you’d expect from a really decent cigar. I doubt that was caused by my mistakenly drying it out.

Still, once I got to about the inch mark, the flavour was entirely pleasant and enjoyable. It lasted until about an inch-and-a-half from the end, where the smoke started getting uncomfortably warm. A couple more draws and the taste went sour and that was that.

You may note that there’s a “Round One” in the title of this post, and that’s because I intend to address this cigar again. In the future, I intend to either smoke it day of purchase, or wait until my humidor is here and charged so I can store it safely.

The whiskey this evening was Johnny Walker Black – my go-to whiskey, as you may well see if I decide to keep up these posts.

1 As best as we can tell, crazy drunken guy from early Saturday morning was trying to bust in here to crash. Our trashy neighbors upstairs used to have family living where Adam and I do now, so when they refused to let him in upstairs (presumably because they weren’t there or were drunk and insensate), he tried to break in here to pass out. This is all purely conjecture, but it makes me feel better, so I’m going with it for now.

  • Avid Elite

    Avid EliteAvid Elite


    You need a matrix. A grid. cigars across the top, whiskeys down the side. Grades in the middle. A cheap cigar may ruin some whiskey, but this and that cigar and whiskey while terrible seperatly may combine powers to something awesome! Go big or go home, I say. Make a chart.

  • Dan Hulton

    Dan HultonDan Hulton


    Grades cheapen things. It’s at best very difficult, and more often than not futile to try to break down so many different axes into just one grade.

    And the experience is about the cigar, not the whiskey and the cigar. The whiskey heightens the experience, certainly, but it’s not as integral as you’re making it out to be.

  • geoff?



    Did you move again (since I was there)? I don’t recall there being a third floor to your house that could have contained [y]our trashy neighbors upstairs…

  • Dan Hulton

    Dan HultonDan Hulton


    I did. We’re out in Vanier just now.