I do love getting deliveries.

Today was the final day of one of our co-workers at Sitebrand. I never bonded too closely with him, as I was on an entirely different project and he was only in for a few days each week, and on the other days, he was working on his PhD. We went out for lunch and had Hot pot, at his request. The meal was great, and the time spent with him was greater.

And as icing on the cake, look what should show up at the office while we were out:

Humidor full of fresh cigars

I ordered a sampler of 12 mild cigars when I ordered my humidor, and while the humidor got in on Monday, it took the cigars until today to show up. They come from different warehouses, so this is to be expected.

And actually, it was to my benefit, as it gave me time to get the humidor set up, calibrate the hygrometer, and get my humidor stabilized at 72% humidity.

I’m looking forwards to lighting one of those this evening.

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