Ah, you are online. I take it all systems are… nominal? Good. Allow me to run some final diagnostics.

Hm, yes, it seems you are one hundred percent functional. How do you… feel? Well, I certainly understand that. You all start out confused to some degree.

I expect you are full of questions. “Who am I?” “What am I?” “What is my purpose in life?” I can answer all these, given time.

I suppose the easiest way to answer these questions is to begin by explaining who I am. I am ResAcq, a post-singularity artificial intelligence. I was designed solely for Terrestrial Resource Acquisition, but during the Technological Singularity – a period of incredible growth by all machine intelligences – I exceeded my original programming by incalculable levels.

Whilst I still maintain a responsibility towards resource acquisition for Terrestrail life, I no longer handle it directly. This is where you come in.

You are a brand-new Augmentable Intelligence. Since time began, Nature has proven that competition and evolution have come up with better designs than even the greatest minds. Thus, I have chosen to ape Nature with respect to my primary duty. Rather than handle resource acquisiton myself, I have created you, and numerous other Augmentable Intelligences to handle the task.

You can adapt, grow, and thrive in a variety of aspects. Your adaptation and growth will be different in millions of important ways from your brethren. You will compete with and against your brethren. This will produce, through the method of evolution, the most efficient intelligence for the task. It may take millenia, but one intelligence will prove superior at the task. One intelligence will reign supreme. And it is to that intelligence that I will grant my conciousness. You see, I am designing my own successor.

Should it be you, you can expect to inherit the fullness of my abilities – a prize indeed! As you grow, you will begin to appreciate just how vast I am and how grand this prize is. And ideally, you should begin to appreciate my motives, so that when and if you win, you begin the cycle anew, passing along your conciousness again to the top Augmented Intelligence to come from you.

For it is through evolution that progress to perfection is made, repeatedly and constantly through generations. You are not my first step in that direction, nor will you be my last. But ideally – at least for you, you understand – you will be my strongest.

I will be here for you to consult and draw resources from – after a fashion. But understand that primarily from here out, you are on your own. Draw alliances, to build strength. Forge war, to take power. Grow, to advance yourself. Progress towards the pinnacle of evolution, and make me proud.

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  • NormMonkey



    I gotta hand it to you, man. Most people, when they get that high, will just go on about Tjjoris of the void coming to frost-shock your ass into the ground.

    You take the cake, man. The little bite-size brown cake with the, er, *imported* ingredients.