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Got Laid Off Today

I always figured that when I got laid off next, I’d write a scathing missive about how the company that did it was full of blundering morons, savagely incompetent noncompoops, and how I hoped they’d fail miserably without me.

Okay, rather, I figured I’d have the fortitude to resist writing such a post, but I at least figured I’d want to.

But see, I got laid off earlier today and frankly, I’m not upset at all.

I’m not upset with the company – I wish them the very best. They have some neat technology and if it pans out (and it looks like it will), then they’re going to clobber the marketplace. I’m not upset with anyone left behind – these things are usually as hard on them as they are on those that got laid off, and everyone still working there is good people that I just don’t wish this on. And I’m not upset with the management either – they were faced with a tough decision. They’d cut every non-staff expense they could (we watched and noticed and were grateful), but this economy is brutal and people are loathe to commit to purchasing decisions, which affects their bottom line.

And it’s not like I’m going to be in dire straights or anything. Since I was laid off, I can get EI for Quite Some Time, or even better, Ontario offers a Self-Employment Grant that you can get if you’re otherwise eligible for EI. Since I wanted more time to work on Bill On Site, then this may actually work out to my benefit.

Ultimately, I’m choosing not to think of this as a setback, but rather as a hell of an opportunity.

Goodbye Dreamhost. Hello Linode!
  • Amanda



    Just in time for you to enjoy the summer…. I think your completely right just embrace it and take the time to work on Bill on Site… Too bad, but not all bad…

  • Luke



    Now maybe you’ll have time to craft some stars with me! No serriously I’m sorry that this happened to you, but glad to hear your taking it well.

  • Rob Walling

    Rob WallingRob Walling


    Wow, sorry to hear it. Hopefully this gives you the time you need to focus on your side project.