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The Colony

So I found this new reality show. I know what you’re thinking – “Man, fuck reality shows. Those are for bored housewives who do nothing but sit around eating bonbons all day.” Well fuck, aside from the “bored”, “housewife”, “bonbons”, and “nothing but sit around”, that’s me to a T.

(For those of you playing the home game, that makes me a “who do eating all day”. That’s fucked up.)

Anyway, the show is called “The Colony”, and it’s about a group of people who are herded into an abandoned industrial lot, told that the world has ended, and they must survive this post-industrial wasteland with nothing more than what they can scavenge, build, or steal.

Considering I just got through playing Fallout 3, I am in exactly the right frame of mind to enjoy this show. I basically scavenged and stole the entirety of Washington, DC.

Here, let me give you a little excerpt from the wikipedia page about episode one:

Episode 1

Phase Context Description
Phase 1: Sleep Deprivation Shock and Fatigue To simulate the stress survivors experience in the aftermath of a disaster, the volunteers are kept awake for thirty hours with almost no food or water.
Phase 2: Looting Scarcity of Supplies Mentally drained, the first six volunteers were given fifteen minutes in an abandoned department store to scavenge as many resources as they can carry.
Phase 3: The Marauders Resource Competition Ten minutes into scavenging, a gang of looters are sent in to steal the volunteer’s supplies.
Phase 4: River Walk Search for Shelter Before arriving at the colony, the volunteers haul their 200 pounds of looted supplies eight miles down the Los Angeles River.
Phase 5: Arrival and Survival Rebuilding Begins The six colonists arrive at an 80,000 square foot warehouse on a three and a half acre plot of land. They are supplied with rudimentary materials, tools, and a small supply of food and water. How they use these resources is up to them.

Now tell me that doesn’t sound badass. I’m sure it’ll be fucked up by the normal reality-show drama nonsense that the producers seem to love putting in regardless of how cool the concept is, but this is such a cool concept that I’m going to have to give it a try.

Hopefully I can catch Episode 1 tonight and report back.

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  • Sue



    What a candy ass show – What’s wrong with True Blood not enough blood and guts for you or no realty. I must admit I am hooked on that one now. SH