Random compliment

I got a random compliment on my hair today.

As I was crossing Rideau, this Russian man (or at least a man with a Russian accent) turns around, looks me right in the eye, and asks, “How long does it take you to wash your hair?

“Uh, not long,” I reply.

“Me, it takes only three minutes. Because you see, I have only three hairs! Ha!”

We laugh, me a little uncomfortably, as I am not sure exactly what is going on.

He gets serious again. “But! Do you have to use conditioner, or something like that?”

“Oh, no. I only use conditioner like… twice a month, if I remember.”

“Wonderful! You are very lucky, to have hair like that!”

“Thanks,” I say, as he immediately turns his back on me, smiling broadly, and hustles off.

The strangest thing.

Goodbye Dreamhost. Hello Linode!
  • NormMonkey



    If people are gonna be weird, at least let them be nice and weird, eh?