Never let Terra mix your drinks, never let Adam buy your steak.

So this weekend past, we had a BBQ at our house to celebrate having lived there for two full years (despite the fact that we’re only going to be there for two months more). Our landlord Charbel, fool that he is, asked Adam to choose a steak for him, as he’s grown to appreciate Adam’s choice in steaks.

This decision came back to bite him in the ass pretty much immediately, as this is what Adam picked out for steaks:

Adam’s steak is the one in the rear, weighing in at precisely 1 kilogram. Charbel’s is the one in front, weighing in at 1.2kg. That’s about the weight of both of your lungs, for reference.

Nevertheless, Charbel is filled with determination!

Look at that thing though, it’s the size of his freaking head!

Forsaking knife and fork, Charbel tears into his steak:


However, it soon becomes clear that Adam is pulling ahead of Charbel. It’s sort of close though, considering that Charbel has a fifth of a kilogram more steak to go through.

Charbel can’t figure out how he does it.

It’s not even a contest any more.

Charbel is amazed, and perhaps a little overawed.

Adam has dominated Charbel.

The final bite:

Now, more than ever, Charbel is determined to finish this monstrosity in front of him.

Or is he?

Adam adds a little humilation to the mix.

Lest ye think you could best Charbel in this contest, look at how thick that goddamn steak is.

Defeated, Charbel asks Lisa for help.

Lisa polishes off Charbel’s meal. Or, at least that forkful.

Overall, an excellent BBQ that we will have to repeat before we vacate the premises. And perhaps you could bring your appetite next time, Charbel?

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  • Adam



    I had a shake for breakfast and a small salad, early, for lunch. That steak was about 8PM. THAT’S how you do it.

  • Sue Hulton

    Sue HultonSue Hulton


    That’s very funny well done on the writting and pictures Dan and Adam look out for Charbel he may beat you next time.