Initial Impressions of Komodo 6.0 Beta 2

Okay, honestly? I haven’t used it much, because of two pretty major issues that are blocking me:

Can’t have multiple projects open at once

In Komodo Edit 5.x, your “Projects” pane can have a bunch of projects listed in it, which is very useful – I tend to have a couple of projects open at once, so I can check in one project how I did something (or how an API works), and work in another project. In IDE 6.x however, only one project is open at once, so I’d need to actually open the reference project, open the file, check it out, then switch back to my working project. Tedious.

Worse, projects now keep track of what tabs you have open – so if I open one file file for reference, then switch to another project, I lose all my open tabs.

Definitely decreased functionality. For this reason alone, I’d stay with Edit 5.x.

“Project” pane and “Code” pane are both in the left pane

I can either look at the files in my project or see the Code pane. I need both. I figured “easy, I’ll just switch the Code pane to the right” but no dice. There’s no option for that. No setting anywhere. I looked throughout the install directory to boot, to see if there was something I could hack to get it usable, but nothing. I can’t even have them BOTH open in the left pane (splitting the pane into two vertical sections).

Again, pretty much unusable.

I really want to like IDE 6.x, but these are pretty much showstoppers. Thankfully 6.x is going to be in beta for “months more”, so with any luck things like this will get fixed, but I’m surprised they’re here in the first place. Am I the only developer in the world who works from multiple projects at once and wants to see both files and code layout at the same time?

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  • sergiol



    I think you mean Komodo edit, not Kohana.

    And for the few things I tested of new komodo version seems that they want to completely replace Projects sidebar with Places sidebar. This is not convenient, because you will loose functionality.

    What would make sense it was to to put Places sidebar coexisting with Projects sidebar

  • Dan Hulton

    Dan HultonDan Hulton


    You’re right, fixed.

    You’re also right – it really feels like they’ve removed functionality at this stage of the beta. I just can’t do as much with KIDE 6 as I currently can with KEDIT 5, which is weird.