Kohana 3.0.9 released with a fantastic new userguide!

Kohana version 3.0.9 is now live.

This is big in a few ways.

First, there’s the standard full array of bugfixes and such that means that Kohana is now easier, safer, and more efficient to use.

There’s new features in this release, too, including one of them coming from an issue I reported! Honestly, I’m glad to be able to help out and give back to the community.

Secondly, this is the last big release before Kohana 3.1.0. This is important, because x.y.z releases like this one are tested to ensure that you can just slot them in without it breaking any of your code. x.y releases, however, can and will break compatability in some cases. For example, it looks like hashing is changing in a major way in 3.1.0. So the next time you upgrade Kohana, you’ll have to pay attention and run some thorough tests.

Finally, and most importantly, Kohana has a new userguide!

Every time I’ve had to recommend Kohana in the past, it’s always been with the qualifier “But you need to be ready to dig into the code, because the documentation is limited to an API browser. Still, it’s very good!” Well, no longer. The new documentation is EXACTLY the level of introductory text you need to start getting your feet wet with Kohana. The examples are excellent, the format is easy to follow, it’s just really, really clean and useful.

I think 2011 is going to hold big things for Kohana, now that this final stumbling block is out of the way. A lot of people turned aside when they realized that learning Kohana was an uphill climb with boulder-dodging along the way, but now that we have a sherpa to guide people, I think we’re going to see a lot more new converts.

Congrats and thank-you to the Kohana devs!

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