New Kohana Module – JsCompile

I realize I should probably have posted about this yesterday when I put it up, but I only just thought about it today.

A while ago, I wrote this nifty Kohana module that concatenates and minifies javascript files on the fly. This has three immediate benefits:

  • Reduces the number and size of your script files, which speeds up your application,
  • Removes this step from your deploy, which reduces post-deploy testing, and
  • Allows you to break your javascript files into smaller, better-organized files.

I wrote it for my indie MMO, but soon found it useful in other places. Eventually, I figured I’d put it up on GitHub, so that everywhere I was using it would always have access to the latest improvements, and so that anyone else who was looking for a module like this could find it.

DanHulton/kohana-jscompile on GitHub

The should cover most usage questions, but I’m available through email if you have any more.

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