Membase on Windows 7 – IP Address Fix!

Membase is truly an awesome piece of software – a really cool noSQL solution, if you’re looking for one.

Where it really shines (for me, anyhow), is that it’s the easiest way to install Memcache on Windows 7. Membase’s programming interface is the same as Memcache’s, and indeed it’ll even function directly as a Memcache server with no DB backup.

However, I kept running into one awkward problem – it bound itself to my external IP, and as soon as I swapped my laptop to another network where I was assigned a different IP address, it stopped working.

Thankfully, after copious Googling, I found the answer. Reproduced here, just in case the other link dies:

service_register.bat ns_1@

Now Membase is bound to the loopback IP address and it doesn’t matter what network you’re on – it just works!

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  • Matt Ingenthron

    Yep, we put a lot of focus into ease of install on Windows. We’re looking into making things like the bind address even easier.

    Glad you like it!

  • Dan Hulton

    Dan HultonDan Hulton


    Love it, in fact.

    Seriously looking into using it as intended, actually. Which sounds a little silly, I suppose, but I imagine it’s how a lot of people come to Membase – using it because it’s an “easy-to-install memcache” and then find out “Wait, you mean I can PERSISTS stuff with this too?”

    A very cool piece o’ tech.