New Kohana module: Kohana-CoffeeScript

So I sort of fell in love with the elegance of CoffeeScript the other day, but the issues surrounding actually using it were preventing me from really giving it a go. Primarily, I was having problems with the whole “you have to compile it into javascript before you can use it, meaning every time you make a CoffeeScript change, you have to manually run a compilation on it” issue.

However, I’ve already written a module for Kohana to minify and combine Javascript files – this is an area I already have experience in!

A short while later, and blammo! A CoffeeScript compiler module for Kohana was born. (Yep, module births make the “blammo” noise. I’ve heard human births sound different, but let’s not go there.)

There’s instructions on how to use it at the link above, but basically, you just install it, enable the module, and pass your CoffeeScript files to the module’s compile() function in an array. It’ll either spit back a script tag or the script URL, whichever you need.

Hopefully this makes it a little easier for Kohana folk to get into CoffeeScript.

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