So much fail.

The only thing worse than this video:

Is the comments beneath it.

lol, is this supposed to be “hot” or something? I guess this kind of marketing works on virgins or something, but it’s funny how much this shit doesn’t even faze you once you get a girlfriend. Try again, Ubisoft — this bitch is hideous, your game looks generic, and you should probably fire your marketing department.
BTW, it’s pretty obvious that your marketing bots gave you 600 of those likes.

— SolipsistGrifter

Wow, this chick(?) is hideous… What terrible marketing. She looks like some Las Vegas tranny with bad plastic surgery (sorry) and this is supposed to make me want to play this game? Even if you didn’t objectify ugly women to sell your shit game I probably still wouldn’t play it; looks like every other generic brown shooter.

— phubans

I love how they purport to attack the sexism in the ad, while throwing out phrases like “this bitch is hideous” and “Las Vegas tranny”. My god, the irony in the sentence “Even if you didn’t objectify ugly women to sell your shit game”… So hold on, objectifying women upsets you, and you focus on whether the woman in the ad is pretty or not to judge her value?

The internet makes me so sad some days.

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  • Geoff



    Is either quote actually meant to attack the ad’s sexism? One mentions objectification, but both complain more about the particular model used and the game being advertised, rather than the way the ad uses the model. Neither seems very upset, to me.

  • Dan Hulton

    Dan HultonDan Hulton


    They roughly identify the marketing tactic being used against they – they’re aware of what Ubisoft is trying to do – use their male urges against them.

    But yeah, it feels more like they’re upset at Ubisoft’s failure to properly manipulate them with an “object” the properly desire than that they made the attempt in the first place, or why.