Yes, yes he should.

Nerd humour time.

I’m having some trouble with my coffeescript compiler. Every time I try to get my webserver to compile a new coffeescript file as part of developing this new website of mine, I get the following error:

env: node: No such file or directory

Near as I can tell, this means that “node” doesn’t know where the “coffee” script is (“node” being the execution environment used to run the “coffee” script, which compiles coffeescript into javascript to be run in the browser).

For a little bit, I was concerned that this was because I didn’t have my environment variables set up correctly for the _www user (the user that Apache normally runs as), but then I recalled having changed the user Apache runs as… to me.

Perplexed, I uttered: “The hell? Dan should know where coffee is!”

Yes. Yes Dan should know where coffee is.

I’m gonna go pour myself a cup right now, actually.

EDIT: Solved thanks to the internet and this kind fellow.

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