Game over. New game?

Two years. Six major content releases. Twelve major event releases. The glorious return of tournaments. The less-than-glorious internationalization and Chinese launch (and then shutdown). Dozens of new mice, hundreds of new items, and thousands and thousands of new players. It’s been a wild ride.

But as of today, HitGrab and I officially part ways.

I leave my responsibilities in good hands. Hands that were there before I was, even. MouseHunt will continue on, and oh man the secrets I know. The plans I am in on. The places this game is headed, they are exciting.

I am also headed for exciting places. I’m joining Panvista, an enterprise mobile shop just up the road, to help them make their web backend even more awesome. They use a lot of tech I’m already proficient in and can lend my expertise to, but also a lot of tech I’ve been wanting to learn.

I’m going to miss a lot of people. Co-workers, players, friends all. But I’ll still be on MouseHunt, I’ll still be on Facebook, and I’ll be just down the road. I’ll still come visit (and DOMINATE the Street Fighter ladder).

I’ll make a lot of new friends too, though. Panvista’s full of interesting and passionate people, and even as I’m sad to say goodbye to Hitgrab today, I’m really looking forward to starting at Panvista next month.

To everyone who’s made this such an awesome two years: Thank you so much! You all know who you are, I’m sure – if you’re thinking you might be one of those people, you are. And to everyone who’s going to make the next two years and beyond just as great: Hello! Looking forward to spending more time with you!

Goodbye Dreamhost. Hello Linode!
  • Michele



    I am sure going to miss you Dan :(

    Good luck with the new venture, not that you need luck, you have talent and passion for your work :)

    I’m sure we can have some skype beers soon :)

  • Gman



    Was the greatest pleasure working with you, codebro. It just won’t be the same around here, but I’ll bike down to your new shop often enough.

    Bon chance!

  • Sue Nelson

    Sue NelsonSue Nelson


    Sorry to hear you are leaving Dan :( It was lovely to meet you at the MH meet in LOndon last year and |I hope you will still treasure my silly pink hat! All the best in your new job! xx

  • Dan Hulton

    Dan HultonDan Hulton


    That hat is actually still sitting at the top of my closet. With luck, I’ll make it to the London meetup next year and maybe I’ll even get it through airport security!

  • Nicothebelgian

    Hey Dan
    Sad to see you go!
    Good luck with your new project and I hope to see you around on FB or MH.
    Sound me a lep, ok? :)

    Best of luck!

  • James



    Sad to see you go Dan, thanks for all your hard work towards the most addictive FB game i’ve played :)

  • Badger



    Farewell Dan!
    Your input to the game has been vast and you’lll be missed by many, not just at Hitgrab, but in “other circles” and the wider communi-TAY!

    You have fun in life, and my bestest of best wishes go out to you in your new ventures!

    Or, as they say here in Wales, “hwyl fawr a phob lwc!”

  • Corinne Miemuis

    Oooohno! We are gonna miss you! Please make sure you do sound our horns!!!

    And goodluck and the very best on your new adventures! (y)

  • Kayla



    Good luck in your new venture! It was an honor to get to know you and spend time with you. You will be sorely missed, but I’m happy that you’re moving on to something inspiring…mayhaps the next great chapter in your life. :)

  • Leida



    Good luck!

  • Kristian Gonsholt

    Sad to see you go. Happy for your newfound opportunity. Good luck!

  • Carol Rowe

    Carol RoweCarol Rowe


    Sorry to hear you’re leaving. It was great meeting you last year in London. Good luck in your new job!

  • Jon ‘Boy’ Goode

    You will be missed by us all :(

    But good luck in all your new ventures, and hope you can pop into the forums occasionally :)

    All the best :D

  • Tom Lycanire Lay


    It’s going to be really sad to see you go. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours and hope you achieve everything you set out to achieve! You have been an awesome presence in the forums and it was good to get feedback from you, clearing up certain grey areas.

    Take care, Sir!

  • Eve



    Hey good luck with the new adventure!! Will miss you in the FBFs, and thank you for everything you’ve done for MouseHunt! Wish you all the best, keep in touch… (I’ll still be stalking you on Twitter mwhahaha)

  • Mr Pineapple

    Mr PineappleMr Pineapple


    Good luck for the future Dan, thanks for contributing to my addiction :-)

  • Sven



    Best wishes in your future endeavors Dan. Thank you for your hard work.

  • Nick Alston

    Nick AlstonNick Alston


    Congrats on the new gig, and new opportunities!

  • Malc Risk

    Malc RiskMalc Risk


    An additional 5 luck in all your future ventures B¬)

  • Jeremiah



    What a big shame. You’ve done a great job with the game and i’m sure you will be missed.

    Good luck on your new path

  • JMK



    Thanks for all the work you put into making Mousehunt such a great game.

    Best of luck with you future endeavours.

  • Snater



    Oh noo! Going to miss you, but good luck in your new job! Yay for you coming to London again!

    Xxx Snater

  • Damien Willey

    Damien WilleyDamien Willey


    Really sorry to hear this Dan you will be missed, especially by our little group, but good luck with your new venture :)

  • Phillip Mark Bygrave

    It’s been great having you on the forums, hope you still visit us.
    Good Luck and so long…keep on hunting

  • Bill Comeau

    Bill ComeauBill Comeau


    All the best Dan, thanks for all of your contributions to Mousehunt !

  • Terri Smith-Pena

    :-( Wishing you all of the success you can handle in your new venture! We will miss you but make sure to stop by and say hi once in a while.

  • Jon Pryor

    Jon PryorJon Pryor


    Will miss you on the boards! Stay excelent :) and haduken that street fighter board. (ok not literally I do not think people would appreciate that)

  • Skippy



    Well Damn Dan!!! :(
    Going to miss ya!!! Cant believe you are leaving, trying to get past my selfish you cant leave feeling . . . to wish you good luck with the new!! *sigh*

    Although seriously good luck and thanks for all you did over the past two years!!!
    Catch you on FB and Tourneys you still better be there!!! :)
    Lisa xx

  • Terran “Item”

    Good luck on your good job. Here’s an Ultimate Charm.