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BB-8 is The Force Awakens’ Jar Jar Binks

No, wait, hear me out, put down the pitchforks.

I know Jar Jar is perhaps the most hated addition to Star Wars ever, and BB-8 is an adorable little ball of droid that everyone loves, so how could they be related, or even similar, right? I’m not talking about what these characters actually are, I’m talking about what they’re supposed to be.

Jar Jar was supposed to be the character that all the kids glommed onto – funny, silly, comic relief. BB-8 is the character that kids glommed onto (the droid that launched a thousand toy lines), except he’s done so well that adults like him too.

Aside from the fact that he’s not a boring, slapstick, racist parody, he’s also a wonderful homage character (which makes sense, given that the whole movie is one great big homage-fest). Where R2-D2 is a faithful hound, BB-8 is an adorable puppy.

With literally not a word spoken, BB-8 stole both our hearts and the spot intended for Jar Jar Binks. And I for one, welcome our new rolly overlords.

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    This is legit. 100%